About Jimmy

Hello, fellow primates!

My name is Jimmy Wang, and this is my origin story

  • Born in the slums of Shanghai, China in the mid 80s (I have my smallpox vaccination scar on my left shoulder)
  • No siblings (Chinese one-child policy). My mother aborted twins before me and later misconceived a female fetus when I was 9. I’m grateful to be 1 out of 4
  • Emigrated to Long Island, NY at the age of 5, and then to Queens, NY when I was 10
  • Attended Stuyvesant High School in NYC during 9/11, half a mile from ground zero
  • Suspended from Penn for a year, then met my wife as a super senior. W’UG 2008
  • I’m a chartered financial analyst and I invest in real estate companies (REITs)
  • I’m a sports fanatic – I love football, baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey, and tennis (in that order probably). My brain refuses to discard a nearly two decades of useless statistics from professional athletes current and retired
  • I love PC gaming – I used to play counter-strike at a semi-pro level, but nowadays I stick with immersive RPGs, turn-based strategy, and the total war series
  • I recently started training brazilian jiu-jitsu at Radical MMA in NYC (Summer 2017) and I am humbled by how much there is to learn, by how little I’ve grasped (so far), and by the hard work and repetition needed to improve my performance/understanding of this martial art