Friday Findings – 9/22/17

My dear readers,

Thank you again for taking time out of your day to read about my ordeal from so many years ago. I’m blown away by your sincere and compassionate reception to my “Suspended From College” post earlier this week. The catharsis that I’ve felt these last few days from sharing my story is dwarfed by your collective gratitude and words of encouragement.

We’ve all had our share of embarrassing, uncomfortable and dark times in between the Facebook worthy moments of pleasure, happiness and fulfillment. I know that there will be more of all of the above for us; let’s acknowledge and embrace these moments of imperfection, failure and vulnerability as a sign of our humanity. We’re alive and kicking!

Also, zombie walking (faces glued to our phones) is strongly discouraged.

Love, Jimmy

FRIDAY FINDINGS for the Week of 9/22/17

Hey readers! I’m introducing a regular column on my blog called Friday Findings, where I will share with you quick bites of content from the internet and from my life that represent my personal voice. I hope you find the content easy to digest, insightful, and funny.

I don’t get paid for any of the links I share, btw.

  1. The Coolest Thing I saw on Reddit: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done in the Sims?wdi07txqyzmz
  2. What I’m Reading/Listening To/Watching: New Series on PBS by Ken Burns documenting the Vietnam War.  This took 10 years to make, has 18 hours of content spread across 10 episodes. I’m only 2 episodes in, but the depth of conversation, media from both sides, and the political intrigue and complexity has eerie parallels to the present moment. Strong recommendation in limited doses (or as a bingefest if you are a military history nerd). Bonus: Sam Harris had a fantastic conversation with Ken Burns and co-producer Lynn Novick. Consider it director’s commentary.
  3. A Great Recent Purchase – Osaka 1.5 Liter Electric Quick Boil Gooseneck Water Kettle . $40 on Amazon – this mundane purchase has reduced my morning routine by 10 minutes. I no longer burn my hands clumsily making drip coffee – the long spout is great for making brewing teas as well when precision is key.
  4. My Photo Of The WeekIMG_3591
  5. What’s Biggie Smalls up to? Biggie went to the Vet this Thursday and learned that he’s 5 pounds overweight – time for some portion control! He’s a one-year old 55lb bruiser with diaper rash (from peeing on himself constantly) and a swollen left eye (from roughhousing with others, now better). Love my little man!IMG_3499


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