Back to Basics

My dear readers,

I’m delighted to announce that my blog is back!

After a five year hiatus, I’m ready again to take you along on my journey through life. My goal is to chronicle the amazing moments that I’ve experienced, introduce you to incredible people that I draw inspiration from; and to start conversations about profound and thought-provoking ideas.

As an online community in 2017, we are more connected now than ever before, but I (and maybe you too) often feel increasingly removed from my friends’ “essence/truth”, even as we share our lives together through social media. I think that the ubiquity of our emoji filled, happy-go-lucky and superficial representations of our lives has negatively affected our ability to empathize and connect with each other. I’m certainly guilty of this.

The medium of communication and the language we use have significant implications on our ability and willingness to be authentic, vulnerable and compassionate. With Wangtheory 2.0, I’m daring myself to give you an “honest look” into my being. I challenge you to give your true self as well in our conversations to come.

I will update my blog regularly (3+ a week), feature guest writers, and  share quick links to articles, items, and events that I think are particularly interesting/relevant to my personal voice.

Thank you for your time, readership and contributions to this community!

2 thoughts on “Back to Basics”

  1. Hey Jimmy! I guess we didn’t really hang out or know each other in college, but this is an awesome project! Thanks for trying to keep things real and in perspective–intrigued by what’s to come. Good luck!


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