Friday Findings 10/27/17

Happy Friday everyone! What's on my mind? Catalonia Declares Independence! Shortly after Catalonia formally declared independence, Madrid fired the government, dissolved the regional parliament and ordered new elections, escalating the biggest political crisis for Spain in decades. As an outside observer, I sympathize with the people of Catalonia who feel that the Madrid-centric government takes more … Continue reading Friday Findings 10/27/17

Jordan Peterson – On Social Justice And Truth

Good afternoon my dear readers, I want to share with you all an amazing podcast interview between Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist, cultural critic, and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. Jordan Peterson made the news this year for his "controversial" critiques against political correctness, postmodernism feminism, category bashing (e.g. … Continue reading Jordan Peterson – On Social Justice And Truth

Neutron Stars Collide = KiloNova!

Happy Monday Readers! Every day is a new chance to get better, faster, stronger, smarter Now onto Kilonovas... Check out this NYTimes 4min Video! After 2 months of speculation, the "media" reported this morning that scientists have observed for the first time a collision between two Neutron Stars, one of the rarest and least studied … Continue reading Neutron Stars Collide = KiloNova!